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Keeps crashing

Cannot even open the application for use it crashes instantly


It crashes as soon as I open it. Waste of time.

Garbage - doesn't even work

Whoever allowed this version to go into prod should be working at mcdonalds instead

Crashes before it even starts

I know I'm not the only one but as soon as I open the app it crashes! So annoying I used to love this app but can't even use it anymore.

Crashes immediately upon opening

Crashes immediately upon opening

Crashes on opening

No longer works

Crash City

App crashes instantaneously when I try to open it.

Doesn't Work on iPad

This app used to work on the previous apple os, but now no longer works. Phone app has issues as well. No filtering can be done on the phone and the icons that overlay the screen prevent you from seeing when a job was posted. Sad, because it was a decent app.


I really enjoy this app it's easy to use it give you a lot of information on what you are looking for thank you Jobmo

Great app (sarcasm)

I type in the job type and job location, if I get that far, and it crashes. Waste of data on my phone. DELETED

Latest version crashes

I used to like this app for job searches, but it now crashes before I can even start a new search. (Uninstalled/reinstalled, but may not be compatible with most recent iOS. 6+)


This App used to work BEAUTIFULLY! It was my # 1 Job Search App. Sadly, it no longer works without closing out when I complete filling out the job search fields. I HOPE THEY FIX IT!!!

Good - needs help

The app has an awesome way to find most all available openings on multiple listings in one location, including some not normally easy to find, or readily available. It does however need some help with stability especially with updated iOS versions that have made the app unstable and hard to keep running. Makes it hard to find the those awesome listings.


Major california city and NOTHING? Wow this thing is worse than useless. Deinstalling after ten minutes with this app

The result is not showing up

The search result won't show up, so I deleted it and installed again, but still, nothing showed up. I am guessing the developer has abandoned this app.

Command buttons don't work

Even after an update when you search for positions a list to choose from appears, after selecting one it takes you to the screen with details of the position. At the top are the return to list, text, web, and share buttons, none of which work! In order to return to the list of positions you found previously you have to quit the app and start over. Annoying!

Crashing on iOS 7.1.2

The app was a 5 star at v5 and v6. Please update the app to be compatible with newer iOS. Thanks!


This is an amazing app!

Keeps on crashing

Tried it multiple times, and every time I want email myself a job that I'm interested it crashes on me. This app needs some maintains asap!

Powered by Indeed.

Powered by Indeed. App functions okay on tablet, but not as well on smartphones.


Not sure what has changed but the app is useless now. It doesn't function at all.

Used to be great

This used to be an awesome app, my go-to. But it recently became barely functional, with constant lockups. Please fix it!

Buttons are not working

It's a nice app that can help find available jobs near you quickly. Unfortunately, I am unable to click on any of the top buttons after selecting on a Job for viewing. 2nd, it would be nice to include part-time or contract job on the list or as a filter list option. Overall, it's an okay app. Could be better if the cons were mention above are resolved.

Used to be great

This app is very useful when functioning properly. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way it stopped working. When you select a job, the app no longer allows you to select the top buttons. The only way I'm able to return to the list is by closing out the app and starting a new search.

Buttons unresponsive

This was a good app when working but it lately the top buttons are unresponsive when a job is selected. Cannot go back to list or star a job.

Doesn't let you go back to list mode

I just downloaded this app and after searching for a job and then looking at their locations you can't return back to the menu to search again tried it twice even closed down the app? Never lets you return to the list unless you close the app

It sticks

Tried install and uninstall and still sticks. App will not return to my results no matter how many times I tap back to search results. And home button sticks and does nothing. This used to be my favorite job search app. A big let down now.

We'll done

Simple UI, easy to use. Seems to show the same jobs as other sites and apps but that's OK.

Delivers as advertised

Delivers as advertised. No frills, and so no app crashes.

A bit better

So far it's just a tiny more advanced than a few more apps, and that's about it.


Everything all in one !!


App is easy to use and has a good design, but tends to crash when using the email function. Also, the sort functions didn't seem to work.

Could be better


Great app

Very good job search app.


One of my favorite job apps yet


Found so meny good jobs hear


Love the app. Very clear


Great results

Try it out!!

Incredibly useful career search app! Highly recommend!

Awesome app!

Great app...better than SH...

Great app

Love the location feature. Keep up the good work

Helpful and has great tools to aid in your search

Helpful and has great tools to aid in your search


Not to shabby

So far so good...


So far so good

Had to do a review to unlock the research function. Only been using the app for about 3 minutes. So far so good aside from having to do this.

Nice and Clean

The quality of the listed jobs are excellent. I also like the resulting format when I email the job to myself for later review.


Great...if I find a job

Seems Better Than Most

So far, I like the quality of the jobs listed here.


Awesome App

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